S.D Public School

S.D. Public School was established as a co-educational English medium school in Bata in the year 2013

By the relentless efforts of great visionary Sh. Rajender Prasad Ji founder chairman, the school reached dazzling heights and became a name to reckon with in the field of education. The school admits children belonging to all the stratas of the society and inculcates in them a spirit of secularism with respect for all religion.

S.D Public School offers a safe and secure pollution free and eco-friendly environment with the state of the art infrastructure. The class rooms are airy, spacious with quality intensive surrounding. The school has the right atmosphere to teach the children and enrich their growth. They learn through their personal experience curiosity to do a work and their sensitive response to the environment, which the school endeavors to make secure and familiar. Beside simulating them encourage them, generating self confidence in them and above all, making them feel relaxed, the school also claims to take personal care of each and every child.

In short, S.D. Public School represents an effort in taking represents initiative to impart education in a an innovative and unconventional manner.

News & Events

  • UNITY IS STRENGTH When there is team work and collaboration wonderful things can be done.Believing in this SDPS celebrated NATIONAL UNITY DAY on 31st October, 2018 just to give a message to the whole nation that just UNITY among us, can bring happiness in our country and through this happiness everything can be achieved.
  • PTM for Term-1 will be held on 14th October,2018
  • Blood Donation camp is organized in school premises on 14th October 2018. (Blood Donor is Life Saver)